&Me Period Chocolates

Finally a chocolate that understands women! &Me Period Chocolates are 55% Dark Chocolates with Almond, Amaranth & Cranberries.

Benefits of &Me Period Chocolates -

  1. Reduces Cravings
  2. Boosts Energy
  3. Improves Mood Swings

Indulge in these bites of satisfaction anytime, anywhere. Each box consists 6 period chocolates.

  • Pack of 1 is inclusive of Rs. 30 delivery charge.
  • Free Delivery on Pack of 2 & Pack of 4.

During monthly period cycles, our serotonin (happy hormone produced in the brain) levels go down. Which leads to low mood, increased anxiety and cravings in the body. Also overall energy levels during periods go down. With its unique ingredients, &Me period chocolates help balance these changes in the body to bring psychological and physical comfort.

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