elacup®️ - Menstrual Cup for Sustainable Periods

elacup® comes in three unique sizes for your perfect fit. With your new elacup®, you’ll receive a kit to help you transition to using a cup. Explore now. Use code PINK20 in your cart to receive 20% off!

The Materials Are 100% Traceable!

We know how important materials are, especially ones that go in your body.

That’s why elacup®️ is made of the highest quality medical-grade silicone which is 100% traceable. Our material certification tells you the specific batch of silicone used in production for the specific cup you get.

Our cups are made in an ISO-Certified facility in the United States and are biocompatible, meaning there are no known reactions and the cup is safe to use in the body.

Buy the elacup®️ now, and be on your way to sustainable periods!

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