Avni Green Period Combos

These Green Period Combos combine 2 tested reusable cloth pad, with 7 cotton disposable pads, and 1 menstrual cup to offer you a rash free, eco friendly experience!

  • Use Ezeepad (Biodegradable Cotton Pads) on your heavy flow days and Safepad on low flow, spotting days or holidays
  • Each Ezeepad is disposable and comes with an individual disposal bag

SAFEPAD - 3 types of technical fabrics. Top layer gives a dry feel, Inner layer is absorbent cotton terry, bottom layer is PU laminated for leak proofing

EZEEPAD - Top 3 layers are natural organic cotton, biodegradable ultra absorbent core and leak proof breathable bottom

MENSTRUAL CUP - Designed for first time users. Soft enough for insertion and firm enough to quickly open inside. Offers upto 12 hour protection.

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