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While looking at yourself in the mirror, have you ever caught yourself wishing you looked prettier? Doesn’t every woman feel self-conscious in front of the mirror? This self-consciousness with regards to appearances is largely due to the established imperfect ideas of beauty - which has paved the way for body shaming. Over the last decade, body shaming has been aggravated due to social media. Someone posts a photo of themself in a bikini, showing off their curves, and there will be people who body shame in the comments. “You look fat in that dress”, “That dress is too revealing for...

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Growing up a lot of us have felt that immense curiosity: What’s in amma’s bag? As a kid, being forbidden to touch my mother’s bag, only made me more curious. And now, here we are; grown adults with our very own handbags! But apart from candy wrappers and loose change, what are those essential  things that your mother might have put in her bag?   Here a few, all-important items that you could benefit from having in your handbag: Handkerchief Be it wiping off smeared lipstick, spilled ketchup, a rogue sneeze— the uses of a handkerchief are endless. Make sure you always have one with you wherever you go. A pack of tissue...

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